Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bits&Bites/Inside a Food Styling Kit (Feb 21 to 27)

Whew - it's been another crazy week! One highlight I do have to share, is that I got the pleasure of working with food stylist Ruth Gangbar yesterday. Not only did she do an amazing job of making my client's food look its best, but she was kind enough to show me her massive food styling kit:

Photo from Cottage Life
I don't even think those pictures do the kit justice. Her kit is actually an electronics case, and every crevice is filled with all sort of spoons, tweezers, and well ... everything! It would put a craftsman's tool box to shame.

If you want to become become a food stylist, I highly recommend you develop an amazing attention to details, and masterful hand, and strong arms for carrying your styling kit around.


- LC

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