Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bits & Bites - March in the City

My new favourite cocktail mix - Orange Juice, Muscato, and Vodka.

The best brunch I've had in midtown, at Lil' Baci

Making pancakes at a community event for Not Far From the Tree.
Lunch at my favourite vegan restaurant, Hibiscus Cafe

I seriously <3 these magnets.
Delicious (and strong) Plum wine at Don Don Izakaya.

Hoppeta-Yaki (Potato and Bonito flake deliciousness) at Don Don Izakaya
Topped tofu for one of my vegetarian pals, at Don Don Izakaya
Grilled stringray fins at Don Don Izakaya.
Who knew that Chatime Bubbletea had the cutest donuts?
The ultimate comfort food: Tonkotsu Ramen at Sansotei Ramen.

I have a weird love of all things octopus, so I'm smitten with these candle holders. 
Spotted this while grocery shopping .... I don't even know what to think :S

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