Monday, 21 April 2014

Sweet for San Fran's Treats

As I mentioned in a previous post, I found that San Francisco fell a little short in the ramen department, but what they did seem to be rocking, was all sorts of sugary treats.

Love these bunnies!

Matcha kitkats, which I'm currently hoarding.
Mochi snack in Japantown.
Pepple Organic Donuts - what an insane assortment of flavours!
Delicious Strawberry & Earl Grey donut at Dynamo Donut.
Some of the donut art at Dynamo Donut.

Coffee and a Hazelnut Croissant at La Boulange.

Mangonada in the Mission.

Creepiest cookie jar ever ....

Insane chocolate creations at Dandelion Chocolate.

Who doesn't love a hot cookie?

Don't you dare disobey the Candy Baron!

Biscoff biscoff biscoff biscoff.

Chocolate galore at Ghiradelli.

Ice cream treat in the Russian Hills.
Green Tea and mochi treats at the Japanese Tea Garden.

Mmm, still dreaming of these treats ....

- LC

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