Monday, 11 August 2014

7 Sugar Hacks - Up Your Treat Game!

Even though I'm currently trying to cut-back on sugar, I still appreciate a good dessert hack. For the next event which requires some treats, I'll be sure to use one of these simple tricks:

1) Making marshmallow flowers, by simply cutting marshmallows on a diagonal, and dipping in coloured sugar.

Source: iVillage

2) Dip-dyed marshmallows made by dipping marshmallows in food colouring.

Source: Idlewife

3) Make cupcakes "fluffy" with cotton candy.

Source: Martha Stewart
4) Oreos + smarties = owl faces!

Source: Chocolate for Breakfast

5) Classic rice crispies? Expected. Trix crispies? A colourful surprise!

Source: Cravings of a Lunatic

6) Ditch sprinkles for a colourful cereal topping (then proceed to be naughty, and have cupcakes for breakfast ... )

Source: The Cupcake Daily Blog

7) Get your glitz on - top cupcakes with rock candy!

Source: Dip it in Chocolate


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