Friday, 7 October 2016

What this blog means and why I created it (Part 1 of 2)

I started this blog back in 2013 when I had just lost one of my grandmothers and was about to go through even more life changes. Throughout my early and mid 20's I was so concerned with building a life for myself through building a career and community, that I spent all my time trying to make sure everyone around me was happy. I worked some pretty nutty hours, made social plans primarily around what others wanted to do, and wasted time on projects and people that I should have walked away from.

Although I didn't fully realize it back in 2013, I was starting to grow up and figure out that I needed to start putting some of my own needs first. I was previously putting so much on the back burner, and not giving myself enough of the things that fed my soul. In fact, that's part of what lead me to name this blog "eat dear, eat!"

The blog title might seem a little basic and bossy, but it's actually a translation of something both my grandmothers used to say; "coma querida, coma!" On the surface, this may just sound like words of someone trying to plump up their grandchildren, but there was actually a lot of love and sentiment in these words. They didn't mean "hey, shovel your face full of food so you don't starve" but instead meant "please eat, you need the food to help you grow."

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